About Bob Keefer

In Oregon’s Alvord Desert.

I’ve been fascinated by photography since I was 11 years old and found an old Brownie box camera in the closet at my parents’ house in Los Angeles. I still have the photos I took in those days, ordinary scenes from the living room and back yard, transformed by magic into black and white images.

bobMy main career was in newspapering — as a writer, not a photographer. After graduating from Harvard in 1975 with a bachelor’s degree in history of religion, I spent four decades as a newspaper reporter before retiring in 2013 to pursue landscape photography and independent writing.

Much of that career involved writing about art and music, and in 2006 I was a fellow at the National Endowment for the Arts’ Journalism Institute for Theater and Musical Theater in Los Angeles.

I’ve been making and selling hand-colored black and white landscape photos since 2002.

I have shown my work at the Karin Clarke Gallery and the Jacobs Gallery in Eugene, at the Arts Center in Corvallis, and at the World Forestry Center and the Blue Sky Gallery in Portland.

In my free time I am arts editor of Eugene Weekly, the alt weekly paper in Eugene. For three years I ran Eugene Art Talk, a subscription blog about the fine arts in and around Eugene. I am a past president of the Lane Arts Council. I live on 18 wooded acres outside Creswell, Oregon, with my wife, Lisa Strycker.


Replanted Fir 2020.6.1 is now in the permanent collection at Oregon State University.


Our son, Noah Strycker, is a bird photographer, illustrator, and writer, and is associate editor of Birding magazine. He is the author of Among Penguins, an account of a season studying penguins in Antarctica, and The Thing With Feathers, a series of essays on bird behavior. In 2015 he set a world record for the most species of birds – 6,042 – ever seen by one person in a calendar year. His book about the experience, Birding Without Borders, was published in 2017. His fourth book, a collaboration with photographer Joel Sartore, came out in 2018.


One of my very large hand colored photographs on exhibit in 'ROT: The Afterlife of Trees' show at the Arts Center in Corvallis in 2016.
One of my large hand colored photographs  in ‘ROT: The Afterlife of Trees’ at the Arts Center in Corvallis, Oregon.