Art night in Eugene: Selling a photo is always fun.

Mayor Lucy Vinis and Cultural Services Director Isaac Marquez take a selfie together outside the Mayor’s Art Show.

The simultaneous opening tonight of the newly resurrected Mayor’s Art Show and Salon des Refusés, along with the second running of Karin Clarke’s Eugene Biennial, was great fun. A passel of people turned out on the warm summer evening to all three events, the art was good, and the wine flowed freely. I ran into old friends, caught up on art world gossip, and met a couple good painters whose work I’d never before seen.

I realized that I have missed the Mayo’r Show since it shut down in 2016 because it provided that exact opportunity: A place for the Eugene art world to come together one night a year and see and be seen.

Best off, for me, my piece in the  Biennial sold right at the opening reception, which seemed to be mobbed all night. A sale! I mean, really, how cool does life get?

My hand-colored photo Elder 2018.6 sold at the Eugene Biennial.
Isaac Marquez enjoys the the Mayor’s Art Show reception.